Potters Bar Townswomen's Guild

Townswomen's Guilds are groups of women who meet together regularly, regardless of politics, race, age, religion or circumstance, to exchange ideas, develop new skills and interests, get involved with various issues and, above all, have fun.

The movement has its roots way back in 1865 when a group of women joined together to press for equal franchise and, after women were given the vote in 1928, the Townswomen's Guilds was formed to educate them in the principles of good citizenship. TG is still committed to achieving equal status for women and fights nationally on many issues which affect women and men alike.

Every June at the annual National Council Meeting, delegates from all 1600 Guilds, representing 80,000 members, debate motions on important current issues.

Every Guild holds regular monthly meetings and, in addition, the annual programme includes speakers, demonstrations and social activities. The Guilds are grouped into 114 Federations in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. There is also a quarterly magazine called Townswoman. There is also a recently opened Guild in Dublin.

Townswomen get involved in many sports and leisure activities, from line dancing to public speaking, from drama to arts and crafts, from music to sports. Members can also start up new activities if there is enough interest.

Townswomen's Guilds mounts a strong lobby on national and regional issues.  Current Projects relate to transport and traffic reduction, genetically modified food and consumer rights. Publications on the Internet, Long Term Care, Personal Safety for Women and Genetics are available to buy.


The Potters Bar Townswomen's Guild meets the second Wednesday of each month at the Wayside Centre at 7.30pm. For more information phone 01707 642545.

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