The Farx Club at Elm Court

The Farx Club opened at Elm Court on 17th January 1970. Opposite is the poster for the opening night. It attracted some big bands. See the complete list below. There was another Farx Club in Southall.

It closed on 15th April 1972, apparently following pressure from local residents. If you know more about the club we would be please to hear from you.
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Jan 1970: Quintessence, Audience, Andwella's Dream (17th-opening night), Edgar Broughton Band, Stray (24th)
Feb 1970: Juicy Lucy, Little Free Rock (7th), Slade (20th), Blodwyn Pig (28th)
Mar 1970: Genesis, Mott the Hoople (1st), Spencer Davis Group (7th), Arthur Brown (14th), Edgar Broughton Band (21st), Stray (28th)
May 1970: Skin Alley (9th), Trader Horne, If, Genesis (16th), Black Sabbath, Aardvark (23rd), Manfred Mann Chapter III, Patto (30th)
Jun 1970: Black Widow (6th), Free (13th), Edgar Broughton Band (20th)
Jul 1970: Edgar Broughton Band, Ben (4th), Trees (11th), Judas Jump, Gnidrolog (18th), Argent, Bram Stoker (25th)
Aug 1970: Fairport Convention (1st), Incredible String Band (19th), Groundhogs (29th)
Sep 1970: Mott the Hoople, Spirogyra (5th), Renaissance (12th), Incredible String Band (19th), Black Widow, The Stoics (20th), Alan Bown (26th)
Oct 1970: Black Widow (10th), Status Quo (17th)
Nov 1970: Stray (14th), Blodwyn (21st), Tear Gas (28th)
Dec 1970: Groundhogs (5th), Mott the Hoople, National Head Band (12th), Curved Air (19th)
Jan 1971: Trader Horne, Comus (2nd), Steamhammer (9th), Savoy Brown (16th), Uriah Heep (23rd), Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes & Friends, Formerly Fat Harry, Forevermore, Gringo, Crushed Butler (29th, Radio Geronimo Benefit), Aardvark, Clouds (30th)
Feb 1971: Black Widow, Arc (6th), Curved Air (17th), Slade, Renia, Crushed Butler (20th)
Mar 1971: May Blitz, Sweet Slag (6th), Gary Wright, Titus Groan (13th), Wild Turkey (23rd)
Apr 1971: Comus (3rd), Wild Turkey (4th), Thunderclap Newman (10th), Warm Dust (11th), Graham Bond & Magick, Stackridge (17th), Climax Chicago (18th), Renaissance (24th), Heaven (25th)
May 1971: Black Widow (1st)
Jun 1971: Chicken Shack (5th), Wild Turkey (12th), Warm Dust (19th), Mick Abrahams Band (26th)
Jul 1971: Genesis, Gypsy, Gnidrolog, Renia etc (3rd, 8 hour marathon!), Chicken Shack, Renia (24th), Quiver (31st)
Sep 1971: Stray (4th), Terry Reid, Gravy Train, Vinegar Joe (18th)
Oct 1971: Thin Lizzy, Renia (2nd), Status Quo (9th), Hawkwind (16th), Blonde On Blonde (30th)
Nov 1971: Burning Red Ivanhoe (13th), Pink Fairies (27th)
Dec 1971: Morgan (4th), Home (18th)
Jan 1972: Stray (8th), Renia, Unicorn (15th), Pretty Things, Roxy Music (29th)
Feb 1972: Heaven (5th)
Mar 1972: Stud, Gravy Train (11th), Paladin (25th)
Apr 1972: UFO (8th), Arrival (15th - Last night??) home     source: ; Updated: 20/4/2008.