Elm Court Outdoor Boot Sales - Opening Postponed.

Why are we are not opening now the government has given the go-ahead for outdoor markets?

Our car boot sale is run by organisations to raise funds. Because of the lock down, many organisations are not even meeting now (Scouts, Guides, air cadets, etc), which makes it more difficult to get help. Plus the added complications of running a car boot sale within the guidelines, makes them wonder, is it worth it? The snack bar cannot operate, they must try to enforce 2m distancing, worry about taking infected cash, keeping the toilets infection free, and what if too many turn up, forming a queue is not an option.

And all these sorts of issues were discussed when we had a zoom meeting with the organisations on 27th May.

Another zoom meeting will be held with representatives of the organisations in July to reconsider.

We apologise to our customers, but hope you can appreciate our dilema
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