Elm Court Boot Sales every Saturday starting 27th April

Sellers cars/vans: 10. sellers are admitted at 11am. If early admission is necessary, then no unloading or set-up before 11am is permitted.
Buyers: 50p from 12 noon. Early buyers 4 before 11:15. 3 between 11:15 & 11:30. 2 between 11:30 & 11:45. 1 between 11:45 & 12:00 noon.
Please note there is a maximum height limit on vehicles of 2 metres (6' 6")
Subject to field conditions. If in doubt phone 01707 659602 (24hr)

Car Boot Weather
Location map 363 Mutton Lane, Potters Bar, EN6 3BP

Our car boot field - click to expand

Outdoor Sales

Last year we had average of 130 sellers cars about 600 public. The field is reasonably flat and cut (good enough for youth football). A very nice setting with trees and hedging on 3 sides, and the Elm Court Centre on the fourth. There are indoor toilets, an outdoor snack bar with seating, selling teas/coffees, hot dogs, sandwiches etc.

Frequently asked questions
Why are sellers stopped from setting up before 11am?
11am is the advertised start time. So we want to do what we advertise. If we dont, then sellers will come earlier and earlier, and we'll end up as an early morning sale.
Why the complicated early buyer fee?
Most car boots have an early buyer fee. We have an early buyer fee to enable sellers to setup before the majority of buyers have arrived. It also provides extra income for the organisaion on the field We used to have a single rate early buyer fee of 4. But this resulted in so many 50p buyers coming early, that the front car park would fill with people waiting for the switch to 50p that we ended up having to let the 50p buyers in early. Which ended up being earlier each week. We find that the timed 4/3/2/1 scale of early buyer fees allows us to keep to the advertised start time.
Who is it in aid of?
Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, a registered charity, take most of the proceeds from the sellers fees. The money is used to maintain and enhance the Centre.  The good cause staffing the gate and field keep the proceeds from the buyers, and a small proportion from the sellers fees. The good cause running the Snack Bars keep all their profits and a small proportion from the sellers fees.
How Much Space Do I get?
The field can get pretty full, so to be fair to everyone we limit the pitch length to 6 metres (20 feet) - that's over 3 normal pasting tables end to end.  If you want more space, then just let the field staff know, then you pay 1/metre over the 6 metre. Vans pay the same as cars because they may want the same space as a car.  If they want more then they pay the 1/metre extra.
What if I Bring a Trailer
Trailers are charged extra at the rate of 1/wheel on trailer. 
Why the maximum height limit of 6'6"?
We feel that large vans detract from what we're promote - people buying and selling pre-loved) items on a small scale. Also heavier and bigger vans cause the field more damage.  And on the entrance to the field we have a low tree, and the entrance to the Centre has a height restriction bar.
Does Elm Court supply tables?
No, please bring your own.
Do I need to book?
No. We do not take bookings. If we're full, and this has only happened five times in 20 years, we give free entry vouchers for future sales to those we have to turn away.
What if it rains?
Unless the field is also waterlogged (see below), rain does not cause the sale to be cancelled.
What if the field is waterlogged?
With a waterlogged field the sale will be cancelled. Sales are usually cancelled either the evening before or about 9am on the morning of the sale.  We try to give as much notice as possible, but you must understand that the field can be dry until the Friday evening, then rain all night, and then be waterlogged in the morning. Phone 01707 659602 for 24hr info, but we prefer if you phone outside 9am to 1pm, Mon-Fri. We shall also try to update the web-site.
What can I sell?
All the normal car boot stuff provided it is legal.
And not the following:
  Bottled, canned, and hot drinks and fresh food because the snack bar good cause have the monopoly.
  'fun bangs' and water bombs because these cause a mess inside the centre.
  Guns, including replicas and those that fire plastic pellets, and "weapon" knives because we disapprove and have caused problems.
  Alcohol or tobacco because it is illegal without a licence - even if they are left over from a party!!

Who is it in aid of?
Elm Court Youth and Community Centre, a registered charity, take most of the proceeds from the stalls fees (the 10).  The money is used to maintain and enhance the Centre.  The good cause staffing the doors, car park and snack bar keep the proceeds from the public (the 50p), early buyers, snack bar profits and a proportion from the 10 sellers fee.

Is there a Question you still have, which you think should be answered here?
Then email us:  email contact.

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