Potters Bar Bereavement Service

ContactMs Joy Stovell
Referral co-ordinator

PO Box 106
Potters Bar
Phone:01707 643339

This is a non-denominational voluntary organisation set up in order to provide support for the bereaved.

They now have a number of volunteers, trained in bereavement listening skills, who are able to visit the bereaved at home and offer support through the normal grieving process.

All volunteers attend regular supervision support meetings.

The bereaved can self-refer by phoning 01707 643339 either leaving a message on the answerphone or talking to Joy Stovell, referal co-ordinator leaving details of the name of the bereaved person, their address and phone number and brief details about the deceased. This call will then be allocated to one of the visitors who will make contact with the bereaved person.

Talking about their feelings seems to be the most helpful way to enable bereaved people to make sense of the emotions triggered by a death. When this talking/healing process is denied, prolonged or complicated grief reactions are more likely to occur.

Information about the normal grief process, other local support groups, reading material and contacts with other bereavement support services are all available. This is a voluntary organisation so no charge is made for visiting. They welcome donations.

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